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Approaching Retirement

You have accumulated meaningful wealth and you are looking to the future. It is time for you to build a road map to protect your lifestyle in retirement.

Have you been thinking:

  • Do I have enough?
  • Can I consolidate multiple accounts?
  • I have tax-deferred and taxable accounts. How and when should I draw from these, and in which order?
  • Should I use my Roth IRA/401k savings or leave them to my children?
  • When should I start taking Social Security?
  • What about the cash value of my life insurance?
  • Can I afford a second home?

We will help you answer the question “Will I be ok if…?”

Multi-Generational Wealth | DHFB Investment

Multi-Generational Wealth

Through hard work and good fortune, you are the steward of substantial investment assets that can benefit multiple generations. Our expertise serves as a valuable resource to you and all of your loved ones.

More complex wealth transfer and tax planning strategies should be considered. We will help you sort through the implications and trade-offs to arrive at a customized solution built around your preferences.

New-to-Wealth | DHFB Investment


You are newly in control of substantial wealth, but your investment experience is limited. Trying to make sense of it all is a challenge and you need ongoing support on a host of personal financial matters. You are looking for advice from someone who will put your needs first and can help you define and realize your goals.

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You want to achieve the right balance between meeting your current and future income needs, and you seek guidance on leaving a legacy for your family.

Have any of these questions come to mind:

  • Can I afford to share my wealth now?
  • What happens if I outlive my savings?
  • What happens if I get a serious illness or need extended care?
  • Do I need a trust?

We will guide you through these questions to help you anticipate the unexpected and support you when life sends an unforeseen event or illness your way.

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Wealth Accumulators

Your lifetime of hard work is paying off and you are generating significant savings. You are curious and ambitious, but have significant demands on your time. You are looking for expert insight to help evaluate potential investments plus tax and estate planning assistance.

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Foundations and Institutions

Our investment and fiduciary expertise complement the long-term needs of institutions and endowments. We have decades of experience serving as trusted investment counselors to not-for-profit and religious institutions.

Fiduciary Investment Management

We are fiduciaries. We have a duty to put your best interests before our own at all times. Our asset-based fee schedule is transparent and competitive. We do not receive commissions on transactions or participate in revenue-sharing agreements.

Well-Defined and Successful Investment Philosophy

Our portfolios are custom-built to meet your investment objectives. We use a flexible approach to stay in sync with the primary trends for the major asset classes: equities, fixed income, and cash.

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