Esperanza Reyes | Operations Manager | DHFB Investment

Esperanza Reyes

Operations Manager, Arlington

Esperanza brings over 20 years of experience to the team. Her focus is on ensuring client needs are met efficiently and promptly. She is the go-to person for managing various tasks including operations, compliance, and executing client requests.

As an operations manager, she supports the team by allowing advisors to nurture client relationships. She seeks a deep understanding of clients and their relationship with their finances, and believes empathy and integrity are vital in the industry. Esperanza also brings a lot of positivity and energy to the team.

Esperanza’s career in finance started when she was a bank teller. She has experienced all areas of the branch network, including working as a branch manager for several years. At a previous employer, she earned elite recognition that was only awarded to the top 2% of employees for three consecutive years.

Originally from Nicaragua, Esperanza has lived in Northern Virginia since 1985. She enjoys being outdoors, cooking, dancing, and spending time with her grown kids. She’s passionate about volunteering and is a certified volunteer for the Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter. Her bucket list includes learning to swim (it’s never too late!) and travelling to Bora Bora.