Why we do what we do

We are a team of professionals dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives. We strive to help individuals & families achieve financial success, security, and the realization of their goals.



C. Whitney Brown | Lead Managing Director | DHFB Investment
Lead Managing Director

Whitney handles executive management of the firm and heads investment strategy and portfolio management. He actively...

James E. Hall Jr. | Managing Director | DHFB Investment
Managing Director

Jim is known for his willingness to meet clients wherever they are, and his ability to make the investment management...

W. Stebbins Hubard | Managing Director | DHFB Investment
Managing Director

Stebbins joined DHFB in 1985 and brings over 45 years of financial services experience to the team. He works with...

Benjamin J. Peress | Managing Director | DHFB Investment
Managing Director, Arlington

Ben has been helping his clients reach their financial goals for over 35 years. He leads the Northern Virginia office...


John Hubard | Senior Research Analyst | DHFB Investment
Senior Research Analyst

John has been helping clients with securities analysis and portfolio management since 2016. He specializes in individual...

Buffy | Associate Investment Counselor | DHFB Investment
Associate Investment Counselor

Buffy’s primary responsibility is client services. She brings over 16 years of experience to her role, specializing in...

Esperanza Reyes | Operations Manager | DHFB Investment
Operations Manager, Arlington

Esperanza brings over 20 years of experience to the team. Her focus is on ensuring client needs are met efficiently and...

Kathleen M. Yengst | Vice President | DHFB Investment VA
Vice President | Manager | Operations & Compliance

After being introduced to the world of finance by a former professor in law school, Kathleen has dedicated over 19 years...

Churchill | Associate Investment Counselor | DHFB Investment
Associate Investment Counselor, Arlington

Churchill assists Ben Peress with investment strategy, security selection, and trading. He also supports clients and...