Financial markets, just like life, are filled with uncertainties. We use our investment expertise and broad experience to adjust to changing market conditions in order to keep your financial goals on track.


Fiduciary Investment Management

We are fiduciaries. We have a continuous duty to put your best interests before our own. Our asset-based fee schedule is both transparent and competitive. We do not receive commissions on transactions or participate in revenue-sharing agreements.


Well-Defined and Successful Investment Philosophy

Our portfolios are custom-built to meet your investment objectives. We use a flexible approach to stay in sync with the primary trends for the major asset classes: equities, fixed income, and cash.


We are transparent

We keep you informed and encourage dialogue. We welcome your questions and feedback. We can’t control the markets, but we can control the experience we provide you. 

We strive to empower our clients so they feel comfortable and in control of their finances. We help you make informed decisions, always taking the time to explain our recommendations, the implications, and the options available to you.


We are relationship-oriented

Communication is vital in working with you to reach your financial goals. Our doors are always open and we will maintain an open line of communication with you at all times.


We are experts

We are a multi-generational organization with more than a century of combined experience in wealth management. In helping you achieve your goals, we will build you a customized investment portfolio, monitor results, and provide continuous investment oversight.


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