Individual & Family Portfolios

Customized Portfolio Management for Individuals and Families

With decades of combined experience, the advisers at Dixon, Hubard, Feinour & Brown, Inc. are well versed in confidentially handling the investment needs of individuals and families seeking to protect and grow their assets. Advising individuals and families accounts for more than half of our business.

The management philosophy at Dixon, Hubard, Feinour & Brown, Inc. is to maintain appropriate allocations across the three major asset classes of equities, fixed income securities, and cash reserves while prioritizing investment quality and safety over risk.

No Sales Pitch, Just Investment Management

Our desire to help clients preserve and grow their assets is the motivation behind all buying and selling decisions. As registered investment advisers, we aren’t trying to sell investment opportunities to clients, so the potential influence of commission never enters the equation. We’re simply offering our expertise in helping clients grow their assets.


Portfolio allocations are customized to the needs and desires of the individual client and are diversified to further minimize risk. Whether the client is pursuing short-term income or long-term growth potential, every investment opportunity is meticulously researched using a fusion of fundamental and quantitative methods to determine its quality, value, and potential return.

Your Success is Our Success

The success of our portfolio managers is measured by the strength and safety of clients’ asset portfolios. In short, our fees are based on the value of the portfolio — so it serves both clients and the firm to offer practical, proven, analytical investment advice. We want our clients to succeed in growing their assets so we, too, can grow our firm.

To ensure that we’re offering the best service and investment counsel possible, we have frequent team meetings to collaborate on new investments, client-specific interests, and market developments. We’re proud of this collaborative style and believe it contributes to our very high client retention rate.