Foundations & Endowments

Asset Management for Foundations and Endowments

Whether the goal is to assist the community or advance a particular cause, the investment advisers at Dixon, Hubard, Feinour & Brown, Inc. understand the professional and social importance of being responsible stewards for foundation and endowment funds.

A sizable portion of our business comes from foundations and charitable organizations, each with a unique vision for how their assets are to be used. Our decisions on portfolio management are customized to meet clients’ needs, objectives and philosophies.

Ethical Standards

Our commitment to foundation investment management is underlined by our fiduciary duty to our clients, which holds us to the highest standards of care throughout any working relationship.

We are bound to put each client’s interests before our own by providing honest, practical investment counsel at all times. For foundation and endowment clients, such commitment facilitates trust.


Common Services for Foundations and Endowments

Our investment advisers approach foundation portfolios with the goal of preserving capital while maximizing return on investment, all within the guidelines of the client’s investment policy. Our portfolio managers have no incentive for engaging in unnecessary or high-risk transactions; instead, fees are based on the amount of assets being managed.

We strive to provide responsive and transparent services for foundations and endowments, including:

  • Ensuring adherence to proper investment policies
  • Facilitating meetings with foundation leadership and boards
  • Preparing customized investment reports
  • Considering long-term investment horizon, not just the short-term

Our investment approach allows us to construct a diversified portfolio that is tailored to each client to support current income needs and provide growth of principal to compensate for long-term inflation.